About us

About us

I started studying business which didn’t fulfill my ambition. Therefore, i enrolled myself in the world of beauty by subscribing in Marie Rose Aoun institute in 1986, then i widened my knowledge in the Forum Make up institute in Paris.

I also deepened my studies in the skin peeling and bleaching at Dr Michelle Peirson’s clinic, and with Dr Marcello Daher’s experience (one of the most famous plastic surgeon in Brazil) whom I invited to Lebanon in order to know more about the latest techniques applied for removing wrinkles. In addition to that, in 2007 I met the Beverly Hills famous doctor, Dr Abdallah Khalil’s ‘’ Dr Kay ‘’ and learned from him his own V.I.Peel technique in peeling skin grains and fill in wrinkles.

My beginning were when I started appearing on magazine covers such as SNOB, AL HASNAA, AL CHABAKA, MONDANITE, SPECIAL, NADINE, LAMASSAT, AZIAA, FASHION BEAUTY in addition to filming some video clips for some artists who appeared on LBC I also embellished beauty contest winners, models and presenters beside my work in fashion defiles in Rome and Paris.

Nouna Baz

I also appeared on many TV channels such as: LBC, MTV, NBN, HIA TV, ORBIT, OTV, AIAAN TV, LBC SAT and NEW TV to talk about the new tendencies in the world of beauty wich I bring with me from my travels to the USA, all over Europe and Canada.

I am also interested in Tattoos and in the newest methods that help taking care of the body and the skin from slimming techniques to having a flat belly, but the most important thing in my career so far is the fabrication of a cream ‘’ Derma N ‘’ and a cosmetic make up line by the name of NOUNA BAZ and I am actually working on their commercialization. Nouna Baz provides the latest innovation in Beauty field and introduce new technique in: Make-up . Cosmetic Tattoo . Lip Pigmentation . Skin Care . Hifu . Fractional RF …… Latest slimming treatment: Radio Frequency . Lipoline . Cavitation . LPG . VIP . Ultratone . Hollywood Lift . VIP Line